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Guy D. Biechele Photography

"A Walk In the Woods"
Intimate New England Landscapes

This is an exhibition of photographs of intimate New England landscapes. Unlike some other parts of the country, New England is not known for its grand sweeping landscapes. Here, with our lush forests and hilly terrain our view of the landscape is usually confined to our immediate surroundings. The variety of flora and fauna in our immediate view as well as plentiful water resources (waterfalls, ponds, and streams) often result in rich scenes of exquisite beauty. While grand vistas can be awe inspiring, it is often hard to relate personally to these, and we can feel insignificant and small. While experiencing New England’s intimate landscapes it is easy to find a place. We feel part of the environment and its beauty is comforting and inclusive.

These photographs were taken during walks in the woods of New England during all the seasons of the year. I hope you enjoy the intimate landscapes presented here and are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in this part of the country.

Guy D. Biechele

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